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Advice by a guy who likes football: you should tone it down when it comes to what players you think are hot. That's why guys don't respect girls when it comes to football: they might now a thing or two, but they ruin it by being too vocal about the player's looks.


advice by a girl who doesn’t give a fuck: the reason why guys don’t respect girls when it comes to football is because those guys are insecure little pricks who are scared of a vagina with an opinion on something they consider to be strictly masculine and they try to disguise it as respect. ironically enough, we don’t want to be within a one mile radius of guys like you, so don’t worry, you’re safe, your home made girl repellent is working.

i’ve got news for you and the rest of the male chauvinistic pigs out there: a girl equalizing you in football knowledge does not make you less of a man. being a sexist ass with no balls to even show his face does. because a real man acknowledges a woman’s opinion without trying to resort to biology to rule it out. 

YOU should tone it down with the pep talk, buddy. i’m not apologizing for being a football fan who happens to be a straight woman. life is not a video game, you don’t need man points to get to the next level.

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Do you know why Michael was in Iran?

I have no idea^^

maybe that Interview was in Germany and the TV-Team came to met him, maybe he was anywhre near Iran on holiday…

I found that pic with the subtitle that it was iranian TV, I haven´t any other information…I also don´t know when it was (yesterday, 4754387 weeks before…^^)

But what I know, is that he will be at a german TV show tomorrow (sky90, Sky 19:30)…maybe he tells us something about his job-plans…

Natürlich war es schmerzhaft, nicht dabei gewesen zu sein. Doch ich habe mich für alle im Team richtig gefreut. Der Titel war hochverdient. Ich habe mit den Jungs richtig mitgefiebert.

Mario Gomez (nochmal) über die verpasste WM